3 Reasons Why Plastic Surgery is so Popular

3 Reasons Why Plastic Surgery is so Popular - 3 Reasons Why Plastic Surgery is so Popular

Plastic surgery has been around for a long time. Who would forget the tragedy of Jennifer Grey from Dirty Dancing fame went ahead and had a nose job? This resulted in her not achieving much in her career as a Hollywood actress.

But since the demise of poor Baby’s career, a lot of other celebs followed suit and had nose jobs, boob jobs and facelifts. While there are many tragedies, there are also many success stories. Even though the industry has been boosted a lot by celebs, going under the knife for self-improvement has become quite normal in today’s society.

If you have ever wondered whether you are a good candidate for plastic surgery, or are just curious about it, the first thing to do is get all the information you need. In this post we take a look at some common reasons why people are going for plastic surgery today.

To Boost Confidence

Thanks to the media, there is a very distorted picture of what is accepted as beautiful and what not. People suffering from low self-esteem are usually prone to consider going under the knife in an attempt to boost their confidence.

Some people just have low self-esteem and are of the opinion that going for plastic surgery will make them feel better about themselves.

It improves persons self esteem - 3 Reasons Why Plastic Surgery is so Popular

To Improve Health

Plastic surgery is not always about looks, and can be about serious health risks too. In severe cases people have to go under the knife due to physical features that have a negative impact on their wellbeing.

An example would be breast reduction surgery to cure chronic back pain or surgery to reduce fat in a person’s body.

To Reconstruct

In some cases, patients have to undergo plastic surgery or do so by choice to reconstruct certain features of their bodies to its original state. This is usually done after serious accidents or medical procedures.

One thing to note is that reconstructive plastic surgery is not always done on the physical appearance of a person, but can also be done on limbs and joints to improve health.

As you can see, plastic surgery is done for many reasons. The fact of the matter is you have the final say in whether or not it is something you would like to do.

Two Reasons Why Millennials Undergo Plastic Surgery

Two Reasons Why Millennials Undergo Plastic Surgery - Two Reasons Why Millennials Undergo Plastic Surgery

The cosmetic surgery industry has seen a surge in younger people reaching out and going under the knife. While the majority of these procedures are done to enhance appearance, a lot of them are also done to boost self-esteem.

When we say that there are more millennials going for plastic surgery nowadays, who are we talking about exactly? Millennials are the generation born between 1981 and 1996, and range from the age of 20s to late 30s.

A lot of people are saying that the selfie culture can be blamed for the increase in younger people going for plastic surgery, this cannot be the only reason for the trend. In this post, we take a closer look at some more plausible reasons why this generation are so obsessed with their appearance and why they are going for plastic surgery.

First, we take a closer look at the type of surgeries this generation usually opt for going, as this sheds some light on their motivations for plastic surgery.

Rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and liposuction are the three surgeries that this group of people tend to go for. While it may seem that these are all appearance-linked surgeries, studies have shown that some of these surgeries were also to improve the health of the patient involved.

Now that we know what they have done under the knife, we can take a closer look at why exactly this generation is increasing the rates of plastic surgeries worldwide.

Personal Care

Self Care - Two Reasons Why Millennials Undergo Plastic Surgery

When it comes to this specific generation, self-care is something that is very important to them. It is not seen in previous generations, and could account for the increase in surgeries in this specific group.

Women who struggle with large breasts now understand that it is in their best interest to go for breast reduction surgery in order to live a healthier life without back problems.

While these are but two explanations, cosmetic surgeons all over the world are embracing this newfound interest in their field.

The Internet

Thanks to technology, information on safe plastic surgical procedures have become widely available. Those opting for plastic surgery can do their homework online and get in touch with professionals before making a decision on whether or not they want to go ahead with the surgery.

7 Surprising Health Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Does Plastic Surgery Promote Happiness and Boost Self Esteem - 7 Surprising Health Benefits of Plastic Surgery

While there is a stigma that hangs over plastic surgery, a lot of people are embracing the positive effects thereof. Gone are the days when people simply went for a procedure to improve their physical appearance, and we find ourselves in a time where the health benefits of plastic surgery is undeniable.

If you are a non-believer, and need some evidence to substantiate this bold remark, have we got news for you! In this post, we take a look at exactly how plastic surgery can improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Pain Relief

Some people suffer from chronic pain due to several reasons. Plastic surgery can relieve this chronic pain and improve their lives. Women who suffer from chronic back and shoulder pain can go for bread reduction surgery, which will in turn improve their posture and take away their pain.

Boosts Self Esteem

That saying about looking good and feeling good has never been truer. Studies have shown that people who have gone for plastic surgery showed a definite increase in self-esteem. Which only proves that when we feel good about ourselves and we are healthy, we can accomplish anything.

Encourages Healthy Lifestyles

Those that have harmful fat removed will now find a new reason to stay fit and healthy. Plastic surgery often encourages patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle and even benefit from an increased life expectancy. Plastic surgery has shown that it can be a good motivator to stay active.

Decreases Probability of Diabetes

A lot of the fat removal procedures have resulted in an overall improvement in health of the patient. In fact, studies have shown that going under the knife can decrease your chances of developing diabetes, a disease that renders the patient dependent on insulin. This in turn results in an overall improvement in the patients’ health.

Decreases Probability of Heart Disease

High cholesterol and blood pressure levels are a nasty combination and can lead to heart related diseases. Patients that go for liposuction or fat removal lose their excess fat and in turn get to benefit from not suffering from fatal diseases. Weight loss due to plastic surgery can decrease your chances of suffering from heart disease.

Improves Vision

Did you know that ophthalmological procedures are also considered cosmetic surgery? That’s right. If you have any work done to your eyes, whether you are having your eyelids lifted or work done to the retina, it’s all considered plastic, and it can improve your vision. Having work done on the eyelids will fix droopy eyelids while it will also improve moisture.

Improved Breathing

You might have been under the impression that going for rhinoplasty is purely for appearance. Think again. A lot of patients undergo rhinoplasty to improve their breathing and flow of air to the lungs. While reconstructing the nose can be cosmetic, it also serves as a health improvement to those who have a deviated septum.

As you can see, going under the knife can have many positive and beneficial outcomes. Let’s start looking at the industry in a more positive way, and appreciate how it can improve the lives of people suffering from serious diseases.